Ways to Treat and Prevent Mouth Sores

Ways to Treat and Prevent Mouth SoresMouth sores are spots or swellings that affect your mouth, lips or tongue. The two most common types of mouth sores are canker sores and fever blisters, also known as cold cores. Since this oral problem affects your mouth area, it can interfere with your speaking and eating activities. A typical mouth sore would only last for a week, however, if the condition still persists, consult your dentist for a suitable treatment.

Mouth Sores Treatments

For Canker Sores:

Since canker sores are not caused by a viral agent, it’s not contagious and cannot be distributed locally. Treatments can be made through relieving discomfort and defending against infection. One helpful treatment includes topical corticosteroid medication such as triamcinolone dental paste.

For Fever Blisters:

Unlike with canker sores, fever blisters are contagious as it results from a herpes simplex virus. The virus can spread through direct contact such as kissing or sharing personal stuff. Treatments for fever blisters include a protective barrier ointment that involves an antiviral agent such as 5% acyclovir ointment. Cold sores are not curable, but scientists are still hopeful that the cure for this disorder will be determined in the future.