DVA Dental Benefits

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Dental Benefits

Here at Parabanks Dental, we acknowledge the invaluable service rendered by our honourable veterans.

That is why it is our pride and joy to welcome patients who are covered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) dental benefits. By doing so, comprehensive dental and oral health care is made more accessible for eligible veterans. If you are a DVA health card holder, then you can get dental treatments from us without paying any cost out of your own pocket. We will simply bill DVA for the cost.

What dental treatments DVA health card holders access?

For Gold Card holders, DVA will carry the cost for most dental services necessary to meet your needs. For White Card holders, you may be eligible for dental treatments under arrangements from DVA. Dental treatment can only be provided in relation to the accepted disabilities of White Card holders. At times, procedures require approval from DVA before they can be done. For more information on dental treatments covered by the DVA, please refer to the DVA Fee Schedule of Dental Services.

For more detailed information regarding the dental benefits that you can avail of as a DVA health card holder, visit the Department of Veteran’s Affairs website.

Is there a limit to the number of dental treatments I can receive?

In essence, the limit depends on what you actually need. In some dental treatments, there are time limits, like periodic dental examinations, which are limited to only one every 6 months. Then again, time limits can be exceeded especially if your dentist suggests. But, this requires approval from DVA.

In addition, an Annual Monetary Limit applies to more costly procedures like dental crowns and dental bridges. For 2014, this limit stands at $2,488. Limit exemptions apply to ex-prisoners of war and for patients with an accepted dental disability or malignant cancer affecting the teeth or jaw.

Does the DVA dental benefits cover dentures?

Yes. If you lose or damage your dentures, DVA will pay for replacements. However, replacement dentures can only be provided every 6 years, unless we advise DVA that having them replaced urgently is a necessity. Also, if your dentures have just been relined in the past year, replacements cannot be given.

Comprehensive Dental Care For Veterans In Salisbury

If you are eligible under the DVA, just present your Gold or White DVA health card at the beginning of your dental appointment or before undergoing a dental procedure here at Parabanks Dental. Your trusted Salisbury dentist is committed to providing you with high-quality dental care. We believe that you deserve to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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