Effective Bad Breath Remedy in Salisbury

Effective Bad Breath Remedy in Salisbury

When you happen to sit with someone with unpleasant breath, you know you wouldn’t want to have the same case with that person. Bad breath odour, also known as halitosis in medical term, can happen periodically or persistently. If the mouth odour exists almost every day, then it could be the right time to see your dentist immediately.


On the other hand, if you cannot visit your dentist right away there are available bad breath remedies that can be found at your own home or from a store nearby. Moreover, it is important to know first the main reasons for the manifestation of bad breath. In doing so, you will be able to help your dentist figure out the best treatment that suits the problem.

What are the Common Causes of Bad Breath?

Odorous Foods and Spices

Garlic and onions are just some of the edible stuff that causes your breath to smell horrible. Though the odour is not permanent, it however remains until your body digests the food.